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Once you taste our beers you will notice the difference, the malt, which is not buried under layers and layers of hops. Instead it stands in equal balance giving a blend of flavors that are truly unique. We brew 5 beers each in its own domain of excellence.

Shwideman - This handcrafted brew is modeled after the beer brewed by our German ancestors before the oppressive reach of the 18th amendment. We call this a pre-prohibition lager as this beer embodies the German brewing practices embraced in Wisconsin in the 1800’s using the Old World tradition multi-step mashing. Infused with the grains of the New World and noble hops from Europe it is golden in color with a full white head. The beer starts with the nice barley and corn flavor on your tongue but finishes with a nice dry spicy finish, classic of the noble hops of the old country.  This is the beer of our grandfathers and their fathers. The noble hops turn this classic into a new millennial style that remembers our ancestry. Served cold it is crisp and refreshing, great to sit down and watch a game or enjoy after a hot day in the sun. This beer sold year round is a classic for any traditionalist!

One Eyed Jack – This is an easy drinking, straw colored ale with a rich white head that clings to the glass down to the final drop. It has a complex malt forward flavor that starts with nice barley richness and a hint of white wheat. This beer embodies the Midwest grain belt with a generous portion of corn. As the beer finishes you get the sensation of sweet corn flavor but not too sweet as the noble hops provide that balanced finish. This year round favorite is your traditional “session beer.” Sit around the camp fire with your friends and share a six pack of One Eyed Jack. It is so smooth and easy drinking 1 six pack will not be enough.

O-Do-Ya – This is our spring/summer seasonal. Not your traditional Belgian-Style Wit. Brewed with the key ingredient of any “true Belgian”, imagination!  Our special hops provide a warm citrus aroma and notable finish.  The balance of spices and wheat provide a nice twang from your very first sip. This crisp refreshing ale is one you can sit and drink during the long summer evenings on the back deck. Drink straight from the glass or add a slice of orange for a special twist of flavor.

Oktoberfest – This is the fall classic that made Bavaria famous. Our Oktoberfest is brewed in the original tradition of Bavaria, celebrating the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig to Princess Therese von Sachen-Hildurghasen. It's a deep amber color with a beautiful tan head, thick, rich and full flavored, you could float your beer cap on it! The malt base is Munich and Vienna providing a toasty, bready biscuit flavor, as it sits on your tongue the aroma tickles the olfactory tracts with a beautiful sensation you must experience to appreciate. The beer finishes dry leaving the taste buds begging for another taste. This is quickly becoming the favorite of any Oktoberfest enthusiast. When you see it on the shelves you better buy it fast as it does not last long!

Bella Brown – This beer is our winter seasonal named after our ever so faithful Great Dane who we lost much too soon. A portion of the profits of every Bella Brown sold is donated to the Upper Midwest Great Dane Rescue, a volunteer origination dedicated to finding new homes for displaced Great Danes. This is the most complex Brown Ale you will ever taste. A tightly beaded foam head provides hints of citrus, clove and coffee. Take a good mouthful, as it settles on your tongue there are distinctive chocolate, coffee and licorice notes. This brown finishes dry but with a warm pine and nut finish. American hops provide a beautiful balance but not so strong to disrupt the joyful complexity of this ale. Don’t let the smooth flavor fool you, this dog bites! The 7.5% ABV give this “Brown Ale Classic” a new twist. This is “must have” for any true craft beer fan.


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Quality hand crafted beer. Brewing the finest styles not found in commercial breweries, rather the same quality beers our forefathers brewed and enjoyed.

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